Hennady P. Shulha, Iris Cheung, Yin Guo, Schahram Akbarian#, and Zhiping Weng#
Coordinated cell type-specific epigenetic remodeling in prefrontal cortex begins before birth and continues into early adulthood
PLOS Genetics (2013)
# corresponding authors

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Sample C1
Sample C2
Sample C3
Sample C4
Sample C5
Sample C6
Sample C7
Sample C8
Sample C9
Sample C10
Sample C11
Sample C12
Sample C13
Sample C14
Sample C15
Sample C16
Sample C17
Sample C18
Sample C19
Sample C20
Sample C21
Sample C22
Sample C23
Sample C24
Sample C25
Sample C26
Sample C27
Sample C28
Sample C29
Sample C30
Sample C31
Sample C28input
Sample C3 NeuN-
Sample C32 NeuN-
Sample C33 NeuN-
Sample C34 NeuN-
Sample C35 NeuN-